We are honored to be the recipient of the 2014 Wild Asia Award for Responsible Tourism in the Cultural Preservation. Having been active in creating income and recognition for Lao women artisans and promoting Lao’s rich textile tradition for fifteen years, we could not be more pleased to be acknowledged for our team’s hard work! And, we are humbled to be first Lao organization to receive this award. While we appreciate this award immensely, we also want to recognize the other organizations and people in Laos who are doing similarly engaging and positive work. We have been fortunate to work alongside and learn from them. We look forward to continuing to pursue our mission, to highlight the work of Lao artisans at home and internationally, and to preserve and share this incredible culture.


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Wild Asia is a leader in providing bottom-up solutions and trainings for sustainable development. Wild Asia specifically focuses on industries such as palm oil and tourism where businesses, producers, consumers, communities and the environment interface with and impact each other directly. In 2006, Wild Asia inaugurated an awards program to recognize businesses that demonstrated innovation and excellence in responsible tourism.

Culture is always evolving and changing, and we want to be part of change that is positive. And, we want to encourage travellers and tour operators and communities to work together to evolve and grown responsibly and positively.


Press Release – November 19, 2014

Ock Pop Tok recognized for Cultural Preservation by Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards


LUANG PRABANG – Lao-based social enterprise Ock Pop Tok was honoured by the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards as the Best in Cultural Preservation for 2014. This is the first time that a Laotian organization has ever been acknowledge by the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Initiative; a historic moment for both Ock Pop Tok and Lao culture.


“We are humbled to be recognized in our mission to celebrate and share Laos’ textile heritage through our sustainable tourism,” said Veomanee Douangdala, Co-Founder, Ock Pop Tok. “Since 2000, our passion for textiles and cultural exchange has motivated my team and me to create a holistic experience for our guests. We only hope we can inspire others to participate in their own cultural preservation.”


Ock Pop Tok’s Living Crafts Centre provides classes and workshops focused on weaving, natural dyes, batik and bamboo weaving, while the Silk Road Café serves locally sourced and organic Lao cuisine. Their Mekong Villa is designed in keeping with Lao ethnic groups, showcasing the culture of the surrounding region in their decor. The Village Weaver Projects is a partnership with local NGOs across 11 Lao provinces connecting artisans to markets. This commitment to the history, culture, and community of Lao are what convinced the panel of international judges to select Ock Pop Tok for the Best in Cultural Preservation Award.


The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards are based on the UNWTO Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and is one of the first tourism awards in Asia especially focused on sustainable tourism best practices. Established in 2006 by Wild Asia, this annual award seeks out tourism operators who are making a positive difference in their communities by adopting sustainable management.

Download our official press release here: Ock Pop Tok’s Wild Asia Awards

Posted by Ock Pop Tok

November 19,2014
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