Living Crafts Centre

Set in lush tropical gardens and located on the banks of the Mekong, the Living Crafts Centre is the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating world of Lao textiles and handicrafts.

Created as a way to allow visitors to see the skill that goes into Lao textiles, the Centre brings the concept of “East Meets West” alive.

Take a free 30 minute tour to meet the Master Weavers and see silk weaving for your very own.


Enjoy a 30 minute free tour of our beautiful Living Crafts Centre. You will learn how Laos textiles from the silkworm to the finished product. Our knowledgeable staff will teach about how natural dyes are made and the most popular weaving techniques in Laos. You can wander through our weaving room at the watch the experts at work creating masterpieces before your eyes. Then tour our grounds to see the plants that we use for the natural dyes growing organically in their habitat.



Experience Laos through textiles — alongside our Master Weavers and experienced teachers you can try your own hand at traditional crafts. A wide range of classes in silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing and bamboo weaving are available — from half day to 1, 2 or 3 day classes.

Living Crafts Centre Casses

Silk Road Café

With two locations you can enjoy our delicious “East Meets West” cuisine wherever you are in Luang Prabang. Enjoy amazing views over the Mekong at our Living Crafts Centre location or people-watch in the town centre at the Heritage Shop Garden.

Silk Road Cafe


The Mekong Villa offers the opportunity to engage with the culture and arts of Laos, while still allowing space for ample quiet and relaxation. Enjoy our tranquil setting on the banks of the Mekong in our lush garden. The Mekong Villa features four exquisite rooms with decor inspired by artisan communities in Laos. The Hmong, Katu, Tai and Hill Tribe rooms spotlight textiles handmade by artisans we work with through the Village Weaver Projects. All rooms include breakfast at the on-site award winning Silk Road Cafe.



Our Living Crafts Centre Flagship Shop houses selections from both Heritage and Boutique collections – making sure that all visitors to the Centre will have the opportunity to see items across all of our collections. The Flagship Shop has a specific focus on the textiles woven by the onsite weavers – what better way to experience fair trade than to meet the artisan who created your new purchase!

Flagship Shop