Tai Lue

The Tai Lue of the Nam Ou and Tha waterways are masters of the indigo and stick lack dyes (blue & red respectively). Back in the early days, we were looking
to expand our repertoire of natural dyes and had heard
of a village in Nam Bak district, Ban Na Nyang that was producing naturally dyed cotton fabric. On arrival it was instantly apparent that the journey was going to be worth it. The village, set in a lush river valley is a model
of traditional cultural life. The elegant stilted houses stood filled with looms, cotton ready for spinning spilled out of baskets and colourful yarns dried in the sun. The weavers needed product diversity training and access to markets. We partnered with the local Department of Trade and Industry and 15 years later still have a thriving partnership. Now Na Nyang is now a vibrant cotton weaving village with its products popular with hotels and businesses. Because their story is inspiring for others to hear, Ock Pop Tok has taken the weavers of Na Nyang to other provinces, and even as far as Peru.



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