It’s finally here! Our latest addition: the Chok Collection.

From concept to completion, every decision and design was made with a purpose.

chok_boutique_09-201600012Our team has been working for months to bring to this you: pieces that are a new step in the realm of clothing of Ock Pop Tok. We played with new styles and cuts — tell us what you think in the comments below!

The idea sprung from the desire to bring the intricate chok weaving style — or discontinuous supplementary weft (for those textile junkies out there) — usually reserved for home textiles and traditional sinhs (skirts) onto modern clothing. The featured technique stems from an age-old diamond pattern originating from Tai Lue groups in Northwest of Laos.

Using the finest Laotian silk in soft romantic shades, our weavers Ms. Niew, Meng, Kham and Panee pulled thread after thread by hand to create accent pieces — now used to embellish a collection of its namesake.


Each part of the design and production process was thought through to ensure the best quality and most socially beneficial aspects: handwoven accents from our Living Crafts Centre master weavers, Cambodian silk (in addition to Lao silk) from a fellow social enterprise in Phnom Penh, tailoring from a small studio in Vientiane, Laos.

Many of the handwoven pieces for a single dress take up to a day to complete.

chok_social_00001Diamond motifs, featured in each of the pieces, are found in many Lao textiles. They represent the sandalwood blossom in the form of a gem (diamond, crystal, emerald, meant to impart luck and blessings.

From runway-inspired colours and cuts, to the one-of-a-kind handwoven accents truly highlights “East Meets West”.

Our mission is to help elevate the profile of Lao textiles the world over. We hope this new collection helps to do just that.

See the whole collection:


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