Stop motion of how to hang a wall hanging

It’s a common question we get here at Ock Pop Tok: now that I’m home, how do I hang my wall hanging? These intricate, handmade textiles are truly a piece of art. So, of course you want to display them with pride (and hopefully share the story behind each with your friends).

It’s easy!  Here’s how in 5 simple steps:

What you’ll need:

  • A beautiful Ock Pop Tok wall hanging
  • A hanger — We sell them here, or you can use a decorative curtain rod
  • Tailor pins (the ones with a ball on the end, like this)


  1. Pull the top of your hanging through the hanger.
  2. Fold top of textile over the rod, aligning so there’s enough room to insert pins, but leaving a small amount of space between the top of the border fabric and where the pattern begins.
  3. Position tailor pins an appropriate width apart — enough to support, but not too much to distract.
  4. Gently pin in place on the back of the fabric.
  5. Hang in your home!

Added tips:

  • Be sure to occasionally shift the pins. Every 1-2 months for more delicate fabrics and 3-6 months for heavier ones.
  • The top of your design should be parallel to the rod, with just enough space to “let it breath”.
  • Iron your textile on a low setting before hanging to reduce wrinkles.
  • Some hangings do well with a bit of weight on the bottom. Add an additional hanger at the bottom if needed.

Posted by Katie Malloy

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