Classes, Workshops & Seminars

Experience Laos through textiles — alongside our Master Weavers and experienced teachers you can try your own hand at traditional crafts. A wide range of classes in silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing and bamboo weaving are available — from half day to 1, 2 or 3 day classes.

Great for kids and the whole family!

  • Free tuk tuk pick up
  • Full day classes include a delicious Lao lunch
  • Book online, at one of our shops in town or contact us:

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Dyeing Class

½ Day Natural Dyes Class

Get your hands dirty!

An introduction to silkworms and silk types, students have a hands-on experience with natural dye preparation and create 3 natural dyes using plants directly from our home-grown garden (just like the Lao have done for hundreds of years!)

Choose from one of the two options of products to make yourself and take home. Colours and patterns are customisable for all items!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Two Sessions Daily:
9:00am – 12:00pm or 13:00pm – 16:00pm
Price 416,000 kip (approx $52)

1/2 day natural dyes class

Weaving Class

½ Day or 1 Day Weaving Class

Learn from our masters!

Start with an introduction to silks, dyeing and weaving techniques. Each student is assigned a loom — a guide and a weaver will help you learn the art of weaving.

You will get to take home two product items at the end of the class. Silk colours can be customised!

½ Day:

1 Day:½ day class: two session daily: 9am – 12pm 1pm – 4pm
1 day class: daily 9am – 4pm
½ day price: 416,000 kip (approx $52)
1 day price: 552,000 (approx $69), lunch included

1/2 day weaving class

2 Days Natural Dye and Weaving Class

The full experience!

This class starts with a morning of selecting and preparing natural dyes and the preparation for dyeing for the 3 coloured skeins each student will make (and take home!) After lunch in our Silk Road Café (included in the price) each student will get their own loom. Together with the support of one of our master weavers, this class offers great insight into both weaving and dyeing!

Choose from one of the two options of products to make yourself and take home. Colours and patterns are customisable for all items!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Daily: 9:00am – 16:00pm
2 day Price 872,000 kip (approx $109), lunch included

3 Day Natural Dyes and Weaving Class

A true weaving master class!

This class offers the opportunity for students to explore the techniques used in Ikat weaving. The class involves wrapping the silk and natural dyeing process of the weft threads, which render the pattern, followed by weaving your own Ikat Scarf (180 cm) to take home. Colours and patterns are customisable!

3 Full Days: 9:00am – 16:00pm
Price: 1,264,000 kip (approx $158), lunch included every day. 

3 day natural dyes and weaving

Batik Class

Hmong Batik Class (½, 1 or 2 Day Class)

Introduction to Hmong Batik culture!

Each student will create a wax resistant, Hmong-style design on hand-loomed hemp, together with the legendary Mae Thao (Grandmother) Zuzong, our resident Batik Teacher. This class can be extended to a full day to create a larger textile piece! Full day prices includes a delicious Lao-style lunch directly on the Mekong.

(½ Day includes a 30 x 46 cm hemp piece with wax resist design, 1 day includes a 30 x 80 cm hemp piece with wax resist design and 2 days includes a 30 x 80 cm indigo hemp piece with the completed design) 

Only available Monday through Friday

½ Day Class: Two sessions daily:
9:00am – 12:00pm or 13:00pm – 16:00pm
1 Day or 2 Day Class: daily 9:00am – 16:00pm

½ Day Price: 416,000 kip (approx $52)
1 Day Price: 552,000 (approx $69), lunch included
2 Day price: 872,000 (approx $109), lunch included

Bamboo Weaving Class

Bamboo weaving class

½ Day or 1 Day Bamboo Weaving Class

Great for all ages!

Join our master bamboo weaver and learn about the many uses of bamboo in Laos.
Half day class students will weave a placemat or traditional fan. This class can be extended to a full day allowing students to weave a small basket. Full day class includes a delicious lunch overlooking the Mekong!

½ Day Class:


Daily: 9:00am – 12:00pm or 13:00pm – 16:00pm
Price: 208,000 kip (approx $26)


Examples of what you make:

1 Day Class:


Daily: 9:00am – 16:00pm
Price: 336,000 (approx $42), lunch included.


Examples of what you make:

Village Weaver Class

Village Weaver Class

Discover different Lao Ethnic Group Traditions!

The Village Weaver Projects are a series of initiatives that create economic opportunities for artisans in rural locations. With this class, you can learn about Laos and some of its ethnic groups through their artisan traditions. More specifically about 3 distinct ethnic groups who participate in our Village Weaver Projects as you create 3 small crafts to take home. Interested in learning more about our Village Weaver initiative? Read here! 

2 Hour class: Two sessions daily:
10:00am – 12:00pm  or  14:00pm – 16:00pm
Price: 320,000 kip (approx $40)


Tye-Dye Family Class

Something different for the entire family to enjoy!

Our special half-day family dyeing class includes tie-dyeing a t-shirt using a variety of patterns. Cost is for 1 adult and 1 child (11 and under). Extra adults and children are $35 and $26, respectively. Includes tie-dyed T-shirt with your choice of pattern!

Price: 552,000 kip (approx $69)

Silkworms & Natural Dyes

Group Bookings Only!

A 2.5 hour hands-on workshop & learning experience. Please note that all prices are charged in Lao Kip and US dollar prices are approximate.

The price per person is based on group size:

1 person price at 600,000 LAK ($75)
2 – 5 people price at 384,000 LAK ($48) per person
6 – 9 people price at 320,000 LAK($40) per person
10 + people price at 304,000 LAK ($38) per person

This is a great introduction to the world of Lao textiles where visitors get to try a bit of everything and dye their own scarf.

What you get to make:Workshop Structure

  • Meet the Silkworms – an explanation of the worms’ lives; some interesting facts regarding sericulture; Guests prepare mulberry leaves and feed the worms.
  • Preparing Natural Dyes – a brief introduction to natural dyes; guests are invited to prepare two dye sources sourced from plants growing in the LCC gardens; guests dye white scarves in their chosen colours.
  • Refreshments Break – Fruit platters and Lao-style drinks
  • Meet the Weavers – an introduction to the looms and the different weaving techniques.
  • Ikat Weaving Demonstration – guests are invited to try weaving and spinning on our demonstration looms.

Combination Classes

Mix & Match!

The best opportunity to discover Laos through textiles!

Combine any of 2 of our half day offers for a full day of experience! Great for those who want to learn a little bit of everything and are unable to pick 1 full day activity!

For this day you will also be able to take home any of the crafts created in any of the half day classes.

Daily: 9:00am-16:00pm
Prices: 552,000 kip (approximately $69) – includes lunch.


Seminar: The Silk Road – From Silkworms to Nagas

Hosted by Ock Pop Tok’s cofounders, Veomanee Duangdala & Joanna Smith. This is a 1.5 hour presentation illustrating the journey of a Lao textiles from the creation of silk to the weaving process and the meaning of motifs.

With co-directors: Prices start from 2,080,000 LAK ($260) per group (up to 10 people)

Seminar Structure

  • Introduction to Ock Pop Tok, our mission, initiatives and current events.
  • A brief history of silk textiles.
  • How to reel silk worms and make silk thread.
  • Natural dyeing & dye sources; audience participation assisting with a demonstration of dyeing silk.
  • Refreshments Break – Lemongrass tea and for the adventurous Saa Kii Morn (medicinal tea made from silkworm poo), Dtor Morn (fried silk worms)
  • Weaving techniques – the three main techniques used in Lao; Supplementary, Tapestry & Ikat. (Depending on time participants can try themselves on one of our looms!)
  • Use of textiles in Laos – showcasing samples of different textiles, discussing their function and the meaning of motifs – what is a Naga?
  • The weavers at work – a walk through the Ock Pop Tok weaving area to watch our skilled artisans at work.
  • Discussion – time for questions and answers!