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When you visit our Living Crafts Centre, prepare to be dazzled by the skill of our team of artisans. An exceptional group of women, without them there would be no Ock Pop Tok. Meet the faces behind our textiles.

Mrs Bounmee
 is 28 years old and has been working at Ock Pop Tok for just one year. Before she came to work here, she used to weave at home, making textiles to sell at the market. She is married with two children, a son and a daughter. She sometimes gets tired working hard all day, but she likes to drink Lao coffee. She enjoys meeting visitors and showing them her work.

Mrs Khamdee
learnt to weave when she was young. She is 40 years old and well practiced at many different techniques. She also makes clothes, including the sinhs that she wears to work each day. Kham Dee has one son who is eight years old. Their favourite meal to eat together is Lao pork stew with lemongrass and spicy root. When he grows up, Kham Dee hopes her boy will be a police officer, but he says he doesn’t want to grow up at all.

Mrs Kham Chan
is 42 years old and lives with her husband and son. Originally from Nam Bak district, she moved south to Luang Prabang when she got married some years ago. When Kho Chan was nine years old, her mother taught her to weave. She has been working at Ock Pop Tok for six years and is the current head of the weavers group.

Mrs Meng
is 41 years old and has a son and a daughter. She has been weaving at Ock Pop Tok for eight years. Maeng often teaches students to weave which she enjoys, but she also likes working alone. She believes Lao people are the best in the world at weaving. Maeng spends the money she makes at work by providing for her family. She doesn’t like cooking but prefers to drink beer Lao.

Mrs Mina
is from Luang Prabang and has been working with Ock Pop Tok for two years. She is 33 years old and has two daughters, aged four and eight. Her daughters are good friends, but sometimes fight with each other. In the future, Mina hopes to master the Ikat technique of dyeing and weaving, something she knows a little bit about, but is not yet very good at.

Mrs Manichan
lives with her husband and grandmother. She is 43 years old and does not have any children. Her favourite colours to weave with are black and white. She has been working at Ock Pop Tok for three years, and learnt to weave when she was ten years old. She enjoys all styles of weaving and doesn’t have a particular favourite.

Mrs Daphone
is married and has one daughter. Her daughter is still small, but as she grows older, Nin hopes to teach her to weave. Her husband is a policeman in Luang Prabang. In the future, Nin hopes their daughter will follow in her father’s footsteps to receive an education and work for the government, but with a part-time job in weaving too.

Miss Noot
is 18 years old. She grew up in Luang Prabang and has lived here all her life. She can do any style of weaving and is also very interested in natural dyes. When she weaves, Noot doesn’t let her mind wander, she concentrates on the job at hand. She recently won a competition run by the Lao Handicraft Group and her winning textile is on show at our Living Crafts Centre.

Miss Paeng
originally from a village in the far north of Laos, has settled with her sister Mrs Gieng in Luang Prabang. Paeng is a talented supplementary weaver who has recently mastered the four-pedal loom.

Mrs Ting
, apart from being a great weaver, is also the life and soul of the party Her and her husband do some very funny renditions of  a Luang Prabang-style song called ‘Kaptum’ in which men and women challenge each other.

Mrs Vanaly
is 38 years old and started weaving when she was eight. Her favourite colours to weave with are blue and white. At home she likes to cook for her family. She also spends some time in the evenings spinning silk to make bobbins in preparation for work the next day. She is a dedicated worker and a very talented weaver. She likes to weave because she finds it easy.

Mrs See Kai
is 30 years old and she is born in Luang Prabang. She is a master weaver and together with mrs Lier she created the Organza wall hanging. She is a dedicated weaver and in her spare time she prepares silk skeins and weaves. She rarely gets tired or bored while working, because weaving has been a part of her life since she was very young and she is used to it. In Lao language See Kai means Lemmongrass.

Mrs Van
61 years old and is originally from Chom Chit village, but she had to move in 1967 together with her family, and the rest of the village, during the civil war. Since then she has been living in Luang Prabang district, weaving from home so that she can be together with her family. Her husband Tay also works at Ock Pop Tok, tending the garden at our Living Craft Center. Van is fast weaver, and can weave a Khanna scarf in just one day.

Mrs Keing
is 40 years old and comes from Pak Mong village, where is a mother of five boys. Apart from being a mother she loves to travel, and in 2012 she represented Lao weavers in Santa Fe and San Francisco. She wants to learn to speak english, and tries to pick up some words whenever she can. Keing is a skilled supplementary weaver and her favourite colors to work with are light pink.

Mrs Villaiphone
is 27 years old and comes from Pak Mong village in Luang Prabang district. Vilaiphone started working at Ock Pop Tok when she was only 18 years old, and is now a master weaver making anything from wall hangings to skirts or scarves. Her favourite colours to use are blue and red, and she especially likes to make Naga and animal motifs.