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Veomanee Douangdala


Veomanee Douangdala learnt to weave from her mother when she was 8 years old. She is the youngest of four and only daughter, this position in the family brought many responsibilities. Veo became an accomplished weaver and this skill has helped her support her family. When she was 24 she took the adventurous step of co-founding Ock Pop Tok.

Veo has become a natural ambassador for Lao textiles, both meeting global dignitaries and inspiring young Lao women to follow in her footsteps; to empower themselves with their weaving skills. Veo is on the board of the chamber of commerce and has chaired the Luang Prabang Handicraft group. Veo leads the OPT weaving team, oversees the management of our Living Crafts Centre, and is responsible for of our Heritage textile collection.

Joanna Smith


Jo has a BA in Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture and photography. A photography contract with an E.U funded development project brought her to Laos in 1999. Veo and Jo co-founded Ock Pop Tok in 2000. In 2002 she initiated Ock Pop Tok’s rural development programme; The Village Weaver Projects: alleviating poverty in rural areas. This has lead to numerous consultancies in Value Chain Analysis for Lao government projects. Jo has spoken at academic and museum conferences from Sydney to Washington D.C. about the work that Ock Pop Tok does. Now Jo oversees the creative and strategic development for OPT.

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Lear Philliminda

Head of Production & Design

Lear started as a sales associate in 2000. She has had the classic university of life schooling, working and travelling and learning on the job. She is an integral part of the team. She is a self-taught designer and uses illustrator and photoshop to interpret weavers’ ideas. Lear works with the LCC weavers and inspired by pieces from the Heritage Collection they re-invent traditional motifs. In 2008 Lear visited the USA as part of the Santa Fe Folk Art Market.

Doua Thao

Tour & Classes Manager

Doua moved to Luang Prabang in 1997 to be a monk. He spent 6 years in Houay Xieng temple. He has a diploma in English and work experience in hospitality and tourism. He joined Ock Pop Tok as a tour guide 7 years ago and is now managing all bookings for classes and activities at our buying Living Crafts Centre. He is Hmong and very proud of his ethnic heritage. “I like very much that at Ock Pop Tok we represent all ethnic diversities, I have helped with the research for our Hmong Culture exhibition. I have seen OPT grow a lot over the last 4 years and I am proud to be part of that.”

Davone Lunyalath

Head of Dyeing & Weaving

Like all weavers in Laos, she learnt from her mother when she was a young girl. Some 40 years later, Mrs Lunyalath leads the weaving team. Davone started with us as an ikat master and quickly taught other weavers in the group this technique. In 2010 she won the Best textile Award in Lao,s a design that Mae Tow Zu Zong, Veo and her worked on together it combined silk, cotton and hemp with weaving and batik techniques. Both her daughters weave.

Mr Vongvien(Mac) Phontasin

Head Bookkeeper

Mac was a monk in Chiang Mai for 4 years. He has a diploma in English. He joined us 7 years ago as a cashier in the office. Working under the mentorship of Vipaphone Hanvichid, then Head of Finance, Mac learned the details of accounting. He now manages the daily accounting, monthly salaries, logistics and shipping. Its not all numbers for Mac, he is a father of two boys and enjoys playing football.

Viengkhone Kodpathome

Shop Supervisor

Moo Noy has a background in marketing and communications and worked with a national newspaper prior to Ock Pop Tok. She has 2 diplomas from Vientiane College, one in education and the other in business studies. Originally from Pakse she moved to Luang prabang, drawn by the peaceful and traditional lifestyle. She joined us as shop supervisor, and has already had the chance to travel to Tokyo to represent OPT. She has a creative side and would like to be involved in design and documenting the Heritage Collection. Watch this space…

Mr Air

Assistant F&B Manager

Joined us a tour guide in 2008, he is now Assistant F&B Manager.

Sengchan Chantavong

Head of Guest Experience at Living Crafts Centre

Sengchan joined us in 2004 as a sales associate and quickly became a shop manager. Sengchan worked with Jo researching ethnic groups and textiles for various exhibitions. In 2006 Sengjan interned in the exhibition centre at the Jim Thompson Foundation in Bangkok. Sengchan applied these skills to our Heritage Textile Collection and set about cataloguing the 700 piece collection. After taking a break for 3 years (to have 2 boys) Sengchan is back and leading the classes at the Living Crafts Centre. “The job fits me well, I’m proud of my culture and when I can share that with others that makes me happy.”